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Osteopathic laryngology

"Osteopathic laryngology" refers to specific domain within osteopathic medicine which specializes in pathologies of the throat region (larynx).

Examples of pathologies in this region are: voice problems (hoarseness, loss of stamina, loss of head voice, difficulties in transition between vocal registers, muscle tension dysphonia), swallowing disorders, unexplained throat complaints (globus, feeling of a lump in the throat), etc.

The osteopath studies, examines and treats the larynx from various - functional - approaches. He focusses specifically on the larynx but because osteopathy considers the body as a unit he is not limited to the area of the throat. As such, it is possible to approach the voice in a mechanical and functional way by means of osteopathic clinical reasoning and treatment, in addition and complementary to ENT medicine and speech therapy.

Osteopath Nico Lambrechts DO is specialized in the osteopathic treatment of the larynx and its pathologies. He is trained in this field by international pioneers Jacob Lieberman DO and Alain Piron DO. He is constantly researching the anatomy and function of the larynx and its biomechanics. Due to these experiences and his own innovative view to this rather unknown area of the human body he has built up a specific expertise in treating these pathologies.

Nico is a guest lecturer at Thomas More College (department Speech Therapy and Audiology) and is a frequently asked speaker at lectures and congresses. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Evta-Belgium.


Panel member Round Table PEVOC, Ghent (Belgium), 2017.


Panel member Round Table PEVOC, Copenhagen (Denmark), 2019.

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